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Your journey to the Mauritius SSR Airport at the start of your holiday in Mauritius, as well as heading straight to your Mauritius hotel when you arrive at any Mauritius destination should not be difficult as you think. Whether you are traveling alone or in groups for a business or pleasure, you can always count on Taxi Mauritius. We understand the importance of getting you to your destination with safety, comfort and on time. That's why, Taxi Mauritius has emerged as one of the top holiday transfers service company for most travelers in Mauritius island.

Taxi Mauritius prides themselves on quality customer service skills and ensures you a stress-free holiday getaway by providing you Mauritius hotel transfers and airport transfers Mauritius. Just sit back and relax, leave all your transport needs to us and we will safely and comfortably give you the best transportation experience you can have in the beautiful island of Mauritius!

Taxi Mauritius is committed in building a world class innovation in transport services across the island. We are dedicated in leading the market in providing both local and international people the best transfers which are convenient, friendly, safe, effective, efficient and affordable Mauritius taxi trip fares and taxi prices.


  • VIP Class Service
  • Competitive rates
  • Fixed Prices (no hidden charges)
  • Reliable, safe, comfortable
  • Free Meet and Greet in Arrivals
  • The Car is just for you (not shared with others)
  • Free Waiting Time
  • Free baby and child seats on request


Mauritius Taxis perfect for 3 persons

For solo travelers and groups of three, we have a fleet of taxi sedans to take you from the SSR airport to your hotel in Mauritius at competitive taxi prices.

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Minibus which can cater for groups

For groups heading out on a special holiday at Mauritius, you can book our minibus which can fill passengers up to 12 individuals. We transport large groups in class, with extra space at very good prices.

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Luxury transfer vehicles including BMW, Mercedes

Our luxury fleet Mauritius hotel transfers will complete your vacation with luxury living feelings where you can ride elegant BMWs and Mercedes Benz chic vehicles.

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Easy and flexible booking experience

Mauritius hotel transfers won't that be so difficult when you contact Taxis Mauritius since their online booking is very easy and will only take you to book the vehicle of your choice for about 5 minutes. Further, any request for cancellation or change of holiday transfers schedule are all free of charge up to 48 hours before your scheduled transfer.

24/7 Access to Customer Service

Taxis Mauritius office is equipped with personnel that can provide services for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in 365 days a year. Your hotel transfers and other destination transfer in Mauritius are always possible with us, as we are here to help you with all your travel transfer needs. In addition, booking with is comes easy with our friendly and accommodating customer service representatives

Monitor your location

We also ensure that before your arrival at the airport, our driver and transport vehicle is all set when you arrive. We have a team who will monitor every client we have. From the start of your travel from the airport, we will immediately notify our driver when you arrive at the airport or if there are any flight delays. No additional fees will be charged for any flight delays.

Reliable Transfers

Taxis Mauritius provide a very reliable and low cost Mauritius hotel transfers to any destination you want using a variety of modern fleet of vehicles that are legally licensed and insured. Taxis Mauritius experience, knowledge and dependable luxury transfer service is unmatched by its competitors. With our highly trained drivers, we offer efficient and consistent transfer service on a timely manner.

Great Value for Money

Any Mauritius hotel transfer comes in a very low price range without sacrificing high quality service.

Although, there are other people who prefer to commute and just wait for taxis at their respective hotels, you might not want to ride on too expensive charge rates. But, with Taxis Mauritius hotel transfer service we can beat the Mauritius taxi rates being offered by those standing by taxis outside the hotels.

Alongside our very affordable hotel transfer rates, there are absolutely no hidden charges when you book online. You only pay for what you have been quoted.

Safety is our Concern

Taxi Mauritius' services believe in beating competitors both in service quality and safety of the passengers. We have dedicated maintenance team who assures all our vehicle hotel transfer n Mauritius undergoes a motor vehicle maintenance reports and checks every driver's previous employment. We ensure every passenger that your well-being is safe and comfortable all throughout the Mauritius hotel transfers.


I am very impressed by the punctuality and courteous behavior displayed by the taxi drivers which I feel others should emulate.

T . Strydom

Stayed at Le Mauricia Hotel Mauritius
Taxi Mauritius has a beautiful and easy booking procedure which can be done over the internet.

F . Wagner

Stayed at Dinarobin Hotel Mauritius
The best part of Taxi Mauritius is that their drivers are quite conversant in the English language.

D Weaver

Stayed at Le Prince Maurice Hotel Mauritius
I wish to thank Taxi Mauritius for providing us with this extremely professional driver who knows how to deal with customers in the right manner.

F Nefdt

Stayed at Anahita Resort Mauritius
No amount of praise would be enough for this particular driver from Taxi Mauritius who displayed tremendous dexterity.

F Nefdt

Stayed at Belle Mare Plage Hotel Mauritius
We were in for a pleasant surprise when Taxi Mauritius offered us extremely attractive and affordable rates.

F Nefdt

Stayed at St Regis Hotel Mauritius


The island of Mauritius has been blessed with some of the world’s stunning tropical beaches and diving spots. So, don’t lose you chance of exploring the Mauritian coast and their excellent local and international cuisine to experience an elegant and luxury sightseeing tour at Mauritius. Taxis Mauritius will provide you an astounding opportunity to explore attractive local destinations in the island of Mauritius. Don’t miss out the wonderful holiday experience in touring Mauritius with our transport services. We will give you a wide array of sightseeing locations and destinations where hotel transfers will never be your problem. We will take care of the entire itinerary and touring Mauritius transfers to leave you relaxed all the time.

Dolphin Watch Mauritius

A group of wild dolphins have chosen Tamarin bay as their natural habitat. They can often be seen in the morning and in the late afternoons. Dolphins Encounter in their natural environment. Once you get on board of any of our boats, our skippers will do a briefing on the experience you are going to live.

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Under Water Sea walk Excursion Mauritius

Using a specially designed diving helmet which receives a constant supply of fresh air from the surface, you can take part in a guided tour of the lagoon. The equipment used incorporates the latest in pollution free technology. Air is supplied to our divers by solar powered oil free compressors - the first use of solar power for diving in the world.

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Parasailing Mauritius

Parasailing is an activity where a person is attached to a special parachute and towed by a boat in open waters. It has become a common activity worldwide but the plus that Mauritius offers is that the person gets a bird’s view of the marvellous lagoons with the wind in his/her hair while the sandy white beaches and lush mountains fly by.

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