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Read what our customers are saying about us:

1. The first impression is the last one

Travelling for the first time in a foreign country has its own share of trepidations. But one trip with Taxi Mauritius has calmed my nerves like anything. I am very impressed by the punctuality and courteous behavior displayed by the taxi drivers which I feel others should emulate. My first experience from the airport to my hotel has been so good that has made me love this country absolutely.

2. Easy to book and easy to use

Taxi Mauritius has a beautiful and easy booking procedure which can be done over the internet. The best thing about this service was that I need not have to pay anything upfront. The taxi driver was there waiting for me at the airport to pick us up and drop us to the hotel. Unlike other countries where I have travelled these drivers are very helpful with our luggage too.

3. Reliable and knowledgeable drivers

In a new country you have to encounter language problems. The best part of Taxi Mauritius is that their drivers are quite conversant in the English language with some of them being excellent in their communication. This has helped us to interact freely and understand the significance of each tourist spot we visited throughout out three days that we were out there. Another point I would like to highlight is their reliability as they turn up on time without any reminders.

4. Professional with a humane approach

I wish to thank Taxi Mauritius for providing us with this extremely professional driver who knows how to deal with customers in the right manner. I also appreciate the humane side of his nature as he took care of my aged mother when we left her in his care to visit the waterfalls which would have been inaccessible to her because of her age factor. I am yet to encounter such courteous service elsewhere in the world. I should know as I travel a lot.

5. Fantastic skills of the drivers

It has been quite an exciting trip of Mauritius for us with having visited some exotic places during the last three days we had been in this wonderful country. No amount of praise would be enough for this particular driver from Taxi Mauritius who displayed tremendous dexterity while driving us through the winding roads in the hillside. I appreciate his traffic sense by the way he adhered to all the laid down rules.

6. Extremely affordable services

We had heard reports about the high rates charged by the tour operators and were apprehensive of the same. But we were in for a pleasant surprise when Taxi Mauritius offered us extremely attractive and affordable rates. We wish to clear the air saying that these were what were least expecting when we first landed in Mauritius. We wish to thank our tour operators for the same.

7. An experience we would like to remember for a lifetime

We must admit that it has given us tremendous amazement on seeing that the drivers employed by Taxi Mauritius have such innate knowledge about the herbal plants that lined the way to the scenic Chamarel waterfall and the Grand Basin. Being a plant enthusiast myself I was thrilled by his knowledge and skill in the subject. It has been a truly great mutually learning experience for me.

8. No complaints whatsoever

I appreciate my driver's sense of duty when he phone us to inform that he has been stuck up in a jam and would be reaching us a little late. In addition he has been of tremendous help to me in choosing vegetarian restaurants to eat as I am a strict vegetarian. Taxi Mauritius is one company I will surely recommend to my friends when I go back home.

9. Very comfortable vehicles

I wish to thank Taxi Mauritius for having provided such comfortable vehicles for us to travel in. The comfort of the vehicles is further enhanced by the professional behavior of the drivers. It is truly refreshing to see these drivers being acquainted with the history of each tourist spot which has obviated our requirement of having to hire special guides for our trips.

10. When you visit Mauritius use services of Taxi Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful country made even more beautiful by the exemplary service offered by Taxi Mauritius. Right from the day we landed in Mauritius to the time we left the country, there has never been a moment of concern or worry for us. This has been made possible due to the excellent and professional services extended by this company which has made me cherish my visit.


Taxis perfect for 3 persons

For solo travelers and groups of three, we have a fleet of taxi sedans to take you from the airport to your hotel.

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Minibus which can cater for groups

For groups heading out on a special vacation at Mauritius, you can book our minibus which can fill passengers up to 15 individuals. We transport large groups in class, with extra space with electronic features such as monitors and mp3 capabilities.

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Luxury transfer vehicles including BMW, Mercedes

Our luxury fleet Mauritius hotel transfers will complete your vacation with luxury living feelings where you can ride elegant BMWs and Mercedes Benz chic vehicles.

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