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Pre-book your Under Water Sea walk Excursion Mauritius

Under Water Sea walk Excursion Mauritius

Using a specially designed diving helmet which receives a constant supply of fresh air from the surface, you can take part in a guided tour of the lagoon. The equipment used incorporates the latest in pollution free technology. Air is supplied to our divers by solar powered oil free compressors - the first use of solar power for diving in the world.

Not only does this system provide absolutely pure air, it generates no exhaust gasses as do diesel or petrol powered compressors. Even on cloudy days a bank of hi-tech batteries provides over five days reserve of full operating power, so you can even do your solar powered Undersea Walk in the rain ( well, you’re going to get wet anyway). A team of four experienced monitors is on hand to assist you at all times during your excursion.

Captain Nemo’s Undersea Walk operates from modern aluminum platforms moored inside the lagoon. A pick-up boat collects you from designated pick-up points on shore and transfers you to and from our platform. A variety of convenient sites have been specially selected around the island where you can dive in complete safety to experience and enjoy different aspects of the wonders of the tropical aquarium lying just off the Mauritian shore.

Captain Nemo’s vessels are in operation every day of the week through-out the year with the first excursion starting at 9 a.m. each day. The undersea part of your excursion lasts for 20-25 minutes and you should allow a total time of around 80-90 minutes from pick-up to return.

This is an activity for everyone. Our helmet sizes are suitable for children as from age seven. You will need to bring only a swimming costume and a towel. Rubber shoes, weight belt, wet suits (if required) are provided for you on the platform.


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Parasailing Mauritius

Parasailing is an activity where a person is attached to a special parachute and towed by a boat in open waters. It has become a common activity worldwide but the plus that Mauritius offers is that the person gets a bird’s view of the marvellous lagoons with the wind in his/her hair while the sandy white beaches and lush mountains fly by.

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Dolphin Watch Mauritius

A group of wild dolphins have chosen Tamarin bay as their natural habitat. They can often be seen in the morning and in the late afternoons. Dolphins Encounter in their natural environment. Once you get on board of any of our boats, our skippers will do a briefing on the experience you are going to live.

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